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11-27-2012, 10:26 AM

Yes you can though you are right its usefulness dwindles on non-tactical ships but even on a ship with only 2 Tac slots its helps if your build is designed for speed of Power turn-a-round.

TI is a important part of an escort alpha strike and is the first power that should be hit when one lines up thier strike.
TI + ApA + CRF + HY + ApO + TF + iether Photonic Officer or hoping for the Proc of ATB1.
One one move I have buffed and made sure my Buffs are on thier lowest cooldowns.

Under the old TI/PO build concept this was especially true. Here is an old response from BigRedJedi that helped me to understand better at that time and as far as I know it still has relevance;
I do use it first before an Alpha strike.
And that huge post merely explains how the ability works, knowledge of which my explanation above should've demonstrated...

Now that the patronising is out of the way, a summation of the relevant points:
1. Alpha/"burst" isn't everything. "Burst damage" is for kids who like to watch big numbers, DPS is for killing stuff.
In the end, the best (pure) DD isn't the one that had the highest screenshot-number, it's the one that parsed highest.
So, recast is extremely important and average performance a better assessment method than peak performance, save for fringe cases.

2. We already cycle everything.
Come on, you're a pvper, if you ran into someone with only 1 copy of TT1 (and no Conn Officers), you'd laugh at him.
Yet, that's what your quote suggests: single copy of TT1 and relying on Initiative to cycle it. It works... a quarter of the time.

I'm not saying the ability doesn't do anything (unless you're in the exampled Star Cruiser above and pick Option 1), I'm saying its impact is much lower than what first glance would have you believe.
Using it on others yields the same results as on oneself: 3 stations or less: little effect; 6 stations of more: mostly overkill.
Even Go Down Fighting will have a bigger impact (+6.25% DPS at cap).