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Originally Posted by larouche55 View Post
I haven't been able to find any threads on this, but have there been any tests to see how replacing a rear torp launcher with the Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam affects DPS - either positively or negatively?

I ran a small test yesterday (in PVE), replacing a rear mk XII quantum launcher with it (tac oddy, beams, a rear and forward quantum launcher). I noticed just a marginal 50 dps increase when using it, but could be normal fluctuation - nothing significant.

Just curious on others' thoughts of it's viability as a rear torp replacement.
I just installed the Omega Cutting Beam on my fully loaded Mobius destroyer, replacing a rear mounted AP turret, and I could tell that it made a significant difference in elite STF's. Borg are primarily hull tanks with easily-breached shields, thereby making omni-directional kinetic weapons more effective that standard energy turrets or narrow-arc torpedo launchers.