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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post nurse when she does work. thats another reason i loved that doff when it would work. ide get thetat all day on my ship and bam!!!!! 2 sec later 75% crew. really hope cryptic fixes the space nurse so she will regen in comabt again.

So I tested this (medic and nurse) and it may or may not work as you think.

Out of combat on my bug, I have a 50%/min crew recovery rate

In combat on my bug, I have a 5%/min crew recovery rate (because all crew is at battlestations)

When the very rare nurse or medic kicks in when my alive crew drops below 75%, that simply means that I get 15%/min crew recovery rate.

So, if you are in an escort that has a 50 man crew and you are down zero crew while still getting pounded by kinetic damage, your crew, while recovering more quickly, is still going to hover around zero because of the BFI cooldown that will prevent those who are recovering from being lost again.

IMO, it is better to equip a biofunction monitor, the jem shield, or emergency forcefield console rather than rely on this DOFF (if you even care at all)

Unfortunately, the crew death does not scale appropriately to the total crew compliment even though subsystem repair is based on the percentage of able crew. What I mean is.. I believe the kinetic damage and it's affect on able crew is global. So it appears that if a borg plasma torpedo takes out 50 crew on a cruiser, it will also take out 50 crew on a defiant, which means that the defiant will not have any able crew.

I think this latter point needs adjustment.
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