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11-27-2012, 10:16 AM
I agree that photonic fleet is kind of useless- although the fleet *does* fire real torpedoes , which can be nice.

Personally I think it could certainly stay relatively the same with the following modifications:

1. Aggro all NPC ships in the vicinity when they show up, taking fire off of you and being very thematic as everyone goes "Oh ****" when a bunch of ships seem to warm in. Currently this happens only very rarely- NPCs will just ignore fleet ships unless you're out of range.

2. provide some sort of 'de-targetting' effect when used, similar to the KHG shield or that new thing the borg have. Because lets face it, when a bunch of extra ships 'appear' on all vectors around you, for at least a brief period you shouldn't be as easy to hit.

With that sort of change, you'd have an ability that is very useful in PvE, and moderately useful in PvP- a real smokescreen, rather than just hot air.