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11-27-2012, 10:20 AM
Hmm...4 eng consoles...

I know!

3 Neutronium..and...

1 Injector Assembly.

or maybe...

2 Neutroniums
1 Injector

tell me having MORE POWER is a bad thing.

If I recall correctly, they call the technique I'm alluding to(no doubt badly) "Speed Tanking"-raising your manuevering speeds to ridiculous levels to avoid getting hit. (say, whilst running MkXI KHG set, which currently resides on my Hegh'ta, or the MkXII Omega set...)

It's a BoP, you're never going to hulltank a bop, and with .88 shield multiplier, you're going to have some difficulty shield-tanking, but you know damn good and well that if you're jumpy enough, you're going to be hard to HIT>

esp. with the right combinations of APO and Evasives (When you decloak). Move is PArt of your defense, so boost your move to the point of absurdity.

Of course, if you want to be more reasonable about it, there are consoles out there that are engineering consoles...and boost shields.

a BoP will NEVER hulltank worth ****, but there may be some value in THIS BoP's using consoles you most often see either dumped on the Exchange for peanuts, or put to use only on cruisers.