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11-27-2012, 10:25 AM
useing omega, as apposed to the borg sets, makes you squishy because you trade off an extra hull heal for some extra damage. i find only ships that have maxed flow cap skill, and at least 2 flow cap consoles are viable glider users. and i think its more helpful on this that deal damage over time, then on an escort thats trying to kill quick.

i do notice a difference when using glider and tet weapons, seems like their damage to shields overall is higher.

proboly not. durring an alpha, if you get a shield proc, thats an almost guarantied kill. and you would need to use both sci consoles for glider, and respec to max flow cap. the extra hull heal would be more useful to a defiant, that only has 2 eng and 2 sci powers IMO.
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