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11-27-2012, 10:31 AM
If you want to oneshot a Klingon Bird of Prey, wait for their Attack Pattern Omega and Tactical Team to wear off, then use an escort with 2x Dual Heavy Cannons, 1x Dual Beam Bank, and 1x Quantum Torpedo (or tricobalt for good measure) and 3x turrets in aft. Now, find your Klingon Bird of Prey victim and hit buffs in the following order. Attack Pattern Alpha III, Attack Pattern Omega III, Tactical Fleet II, Go Down Fighting III, Beam Overload III, Torpedo High Yield III, Tactical Team I. Then cut engine power to half, use subspace jumper (console), gravitic anchor (omega force 3pc bonus) (-50 defense rating), tractor beam I (removes current defense bonuses), and fire. Assuming you do it fast enough that they don't have time to pop a heal like reverse shield polarity, you will see that Klingon ships are not overpowered as the Bird of Prey Explodes in one volley. The only thing overpowered about the KFD is that energy drain carrier that drops all power levels to 0-15.

Note: Ensure that Beam Overload fires BEFORE Torpedo High Yield, or the torpedoes will do little damage.