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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
I just installed the Omega Cutting Beam on my fully loaded Mobius destroyer, replacing a rear mounted AP turret, and I could tell that it made a significant difference in elite STF's. Borg are primarily hull tanks with easily-breached shields, thereby making omni-directional kinetic weapons more effective that standard energy turrets or narrow-arc torpedo launchers.
Well, if you are using and boosting AP with 4 mk xi (rare consoles), the cutting-beam has a 0.2 DPS advantage in Base-DPS over the advanced fleet turret, but it isn't boosted by subsystem-targeting or beam fire-at-will (I don't know if it can be used for an overload).

Also the cutting-beam isn't boosted by Cannon-abilities (CSV and CRF). Maybe you've recognized a boost in your DPS, because of the 2-piece Bonus with the assimilated console (damage amplification - 2.5% chance to increase your weapon-powerlevel by 10).

I don't want to say:"use this, that sucks...", but some projectile-weapons have got secondary effects. I love to use Chroniton-Torpedoes on the Atrox of my SCI (I need to slow down the enemies so I can keep facing them). My Engineer and my tactical have got both the Armitage and use both Quantum Torpedoes.

I would expect that you would find Transphasic Torpedoes on torpedo-boats (because of the higher shield penetration).

So, it isn't just a question "what is good?", it's more like "what's good for me, what gives me the highest benefits?".
First one half of the so called Community complains: "Give us instant access to all veteran rewards, for going lifetime.", then the other half of the same Community complains: "I've earned 1000 Day membership, I want a special reward.".
Stop complaining, if it is enough for you, you could have the "Captains Table" for the real veterans, I don't want access to another dead social zone...