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11-27-2012, 11:00 AM
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wow cheers majortiraomega - I didn't think of stacking the consoles, and tbh I would rather have an antiproton beam bank than a disruptor one - but its what was available and has been way down the list of replacements!

But what really helps - well, sort of, because I now have to go and learn the best way to put it into practice - is your advice on the BOFFS. Suppose this is going to have to be my medium term project now it seems borg doff collecting is no more!

funnily enough I was running the warp core DOFF until this weekend and replaced it

edit; I take it then you guys don't think i should go all out to get the mannheim console with the lobi then?
I am glad to be of help. If you are looking for an antiproton beam bank, you should be able to find one on the exchange for Energy Credits or in the dilithium store for 22K dilithium. As for the bridge officers, if you need help training powers (i.e. Gravity Well III, Hazard Emitters III), you are welcome to send me a message through the mail system ingame and I would be happy to train them with my science character for you. I am not 100% certain, but I think I have a few spare purple gravemetric scientists lying around collecting dust. If I have one, you are welcome to it. As for the Manheim console, my fleet leader has it and he thinks it's nice. However, it is also a security risk. If your "past self" copy of your ship dies, you will die as well, unless you can heal very fast. It is nice for temporial backstep, but it really isn't worth shelling out the amount of cash required to get the ship with the console. It's your choice, the ability is sometimes "nice to have", but you will do fine without it.