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Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
Well, if you are using and boosting AP with 4 mk xi (rare consoles), the cutting-beam has a 0.2 DPS advantage in Base-DPS over the advanced fleet turret, but it isn't boosted by subsystem-targeting or beam fire-at-will (I don't know if it can be used for an overload).

Also the cutting-beam isn't boosted by Cannon-abilities (CSV and CRF). Maybe you've recognized a boost in your DPS, because of the 2-piece Bonus with the assimilated console (damage amplification - 2.5% chance to increase your weapon-powerlevel by 10).
Yes, my Mobius does run 4 AP Mag regulators, but I was not aware that these boosted the cutting beam's kinetic damage... good to know.
EDIT: Just checked -- the above info is FALSE. Antiproton Mag Regulators do not boost cutting beam damage.

Yes, I am aware that BO-abilities do not work with cutting beam. Since the Borg Universal Assimilated Module is arguable one of the best consoles in the game, it is a perfect match for the Omega Cutting Beam to get the +10 weapon power proc.

I don't know if your calculations factor Kinetic damage dealing double the listed amount vs. exposed hulls, but this gives the Cutting Beam a clear advantage in Elite STF's since Borg are 90% hull / 10% shields. Many STF stationary targets are also unshielded, allowing the Cutting Beam to maximize effect immediately.

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