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Originally Posted by orelbitin View Post
you might think from the tittle im just another person who pissed at the klingons for killing him so much well its true but the tittle its telling the truth

first off i know klingons are over powered because when i started playing as a Klingon and got to level 30 with only 3 weapons in the front of my bird of prey i could insta kill escorts , i could kill cruisers in a few seconds and by my standards that too much me i know thats too much because my fed player has a fleet tactical escort retrofit with 4 weapons in the front 5 tact slots and i cant kill any klingon bird of pray with one shoot and trust me iv tried many different weapon combinations .

i rest my case, now its all up to judge Judy.
lol jk
leave your opinion.
lol... I one shot Player and NPC BoP's all the time with my Odyssey's Anti-Proton DBB's in Overload. So... yeah... The de-cloaking bonus is great and a properly setup B'rel is an amazing thing but it is not OP for its DPS.

What I have found is that around 90% of folks have absolutely NO idea how to set up a proper ship and of the 10% who DO know around 8~9% of those have trouble flying that ship to its full potential. So ANY ship that you end up setting up very well that you are good at flying is going to seem immediately OP compared to around 98~99% of people you fight with it.

I think one of the big problems tends to be the "Oh it is a shiny new ship! I must have it!" mind-set without the knowledge of what flying this new ship entails.