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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post

Too much invested financially in it to leave.
Too much invested time wise to leave it.
No other alternate out there.
PvP is THE ONLY part of the game I enjoy.
Friends in game.
I've never been a gamer (being a code hore has been a lot of fun for me for many years) but the few games I have enjoyed are Fight Night (a local bar used to have tourneys which was a lot of FUN!) and UFC. But only against other players.

Supreme Ruler 2020, SOASE and Supreme commander were somewhat enjoyable as well. Never did any multiplayer with them but wanted to try. However this game came out around the time I picked them up, so STO has been a real time killer for me for almost 3 years!

That said, seeing the general direction and lack of any fixes on THE MOST BASIC stuff is pushing more and more of my friends off this game. We're suppose to be trying to help players get into PVP and the constant QQ is getting more and more frustrating. Just this morning, I was teamed with Qin, and apparently the fact that I team with a friend is EVIL and I guess ... W/E.

I have about 5 friends who regularly queue KDF and I only get on to team with them now. I will say I have had a couple really fun matches against the 110th, a Italian KDF premade, and a couple fairly fun pug matches the last week. That doesn't change the fact that 99% of the matches are MEH!

Otherwise the general state of the game is absolutely appalling, whereas, about two years ago kerrat and pugging arenas was just a absolute blast. Granted it could be frustrating getting a pug group teamed at the start! But still more fun than pugging now.
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