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11-27-2012, 11:46 AM
Oh well, don't bring the whole class discussion to the Boff-Abilities. It is ok, if an ability of a Boff acts the same way for a tactical captain, as it would act for a science or enginnering captain.

Scince you didn't tell us what you complain about (space or ground combat), I'll start with ground: On the ground a mixed team (tactical, science and engineering captains) will always be the best performing. They resist more damage (engineering-bunker) and heal up (medic). Here is only one little problem: A tactical captain can also heal his team and increase the damage resistence using Rally-Cry.
This mixed ability is a little overpowered.

In space there are bigger differences: Science ships lag 1 weapon-slot compared to escorts and escorts can use stronger weapons (dual cannons). Ok, you could pack dual cannons on an Atrox, but it misses the turn-rate to use them efficently.
Cruisers have one weapon-slot more then Escorts, but they have got only about 50% of the turn-rate of an escort. This leads to all-beam-builds.

But with those new rewards from the reputation-system (the Romulan Console), science ships and cruisers will get a little higher rewards, because it boosts all power-levels and there's simply "no use for auxilary on an escort". If we get more rewards like this, balancing the 3 classes should be possible.
First one half of the so called Community complains: "Give us instant access to all veteran rewards, for going lifetime.", then the other half of the same Community complains: "I've earned 1000 Day membership, I want a special reward.".
Stop complaining, if it is enough for you, you could have the "Captains Table" for the real veterans, I don't want access to another dead social zone...