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It's supposed to scale via the lesser mechanic. Using your 50 example, it should be 50 or 50% - whichever is the lesser of the two.

200 crew - you lose 50.
100 crew - you lose 50.
50 crew - you lose 25.

edit: It's a "feel" thing - but it definitely "feels" like it doesn't work this way. The Mirror Assault has 1000 crew and the Mirror Vor'cha has 1500 crew. I have the same EFF on each of them, but man - the Vor'cha bleeds crew like crazy. For the testing I did below, I had to work to get below 75% on the Assault - I was below 75% in a blink of the eye on the Vor'cha. I mentioned it earlier in the thread (when I was running different ships), and I'm still wondering if anybody's noticed something the same...

As for the DOFFs themselves, the description needs work.

Base recovery out of combat is 50%. That's what the white DOFF shows. However, if you're sporting a blue BFM - you're out of combat is 67.5%. The white DOFF will show 67.5%.

The green DOFF is double - 100%. It will show 135% if you've got a blue BFM.

Your in combat recover is 10% of your out of combat recovery. In my case, that 67.5% becomes 6.8%.

I tested it with two guys (a Fed with a green Nurse and a KDF with a white Medic). The DOFF description numbers do not change for combat. 67.5% and 135% stay the same.

In combat - the number on the character sheet shows as:

Green - 6.8%
White - 6.8%

Green - 13.5%
White - 10.1%

So yeah, that fits in with what you said about the Purple being 3x.

White 1.5x
Green 2.0x
Blue 2.5x
Purple 3.0x

The description for the Nurse/Medic really should just say that. Because when the white one says 67.5% - it's wrong, both in saying that it's 67.5% and even if one were to take 10% of that (in combat) at 6.8%...because it's not that. It's 1.5x whatever it would be (5% or 6.8% with the blue BFM). The green on the other hand, is just wrong in that it's not 135% - it's 13.5%. Its description is not as broken as the white one...meh.

It's like looking at the blue one. It's +150%. That +150% is an additional 150% of what you've got - not +150%. That's simple enough. That's the 2.5x, right? If you've got 50% OOC - 5% IC - then you should be looking at 12.5% IC when below 75%. The purple on is +200% - so 300% of 5%...15%.

+50%, +100%, +150%, +200%
1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x

All good, right?

Slot a blue BFM (+35%).

+67.5%, +135%, +202.5%, +270%

Yeah... those numbers? Yeah... no.

10% them, and you'd think you'd have:

6.8%, 13.5%, 20%, 27%

It's not though - not in the least.

10.1%, 13.5%, 16.9%, 20% (w/o blue BFM - 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%).

^--- those are the numbers.

It's trippy the white shows no bonus, the green is fine, the blue shows the purple, and the purple shows a +300%/4.0x bonus when you have the blue BFM slotted. Mind boggling...meh.

Heh, what's also mind boggling is the recent run on KDF Medics... those things skyrocketed in price on the exchange after this thread was posted. As I post this:

- White: 46k
- Green: 56k
- Blue: 200k
- Purple: 5.25m

- White: 65k
- Green: n/a now (but as I started to type this post, there was one for 300k)
- Blue: 1.2m
- Purple: 9.95m

Still though, the reason I started to look at the Nurse/Medic was to free up a console slot - replacing the BFM with a DOFF...given the change to the SDO/BFI DOFF and wanting to slot the new Romulan console.

It's basically a case of 6.8% vs. 7.5%/10%/12.5%/15% <75%. It definitely seemed worth it before the prices went to Hell.
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