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Originally Posted by pingahead View Post
This time:
Romulans lose the Battle of Nerendra III.
The Klingons erect a statue of you in the Great Hall.
Klingon children for generations sing songs of your great victory.
The Klingon/Federation War never happens.
Tasha is never captured.
Sela is never born.
Romulus is never destroyed.
All the Romulan Front missions disappear from your menu.
Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Given that would remove New Romulus and the entire basis of S7, not going to happen.
If such would revert the Duty Officer Dilithium Exchange Costs, then I'm all for this new timeline.

As per the actual speculation, the Ambassador is a given, no doubt Sela is too. As for this unique KDF ship, to be honest, whilst I suspect it will be the K'vort, I'd feel robbed if this was the case. FED players are to get yet another brand new ship whilst KDF players are going to get a resized B'rel that flies around with some more windows and the wings always up? Doesn't seem... fair to me.

I'm hopeful the K'vort will be a nice new bird-of-prey styled Cruiser and not a redress of an already existing B'rel. I live in hope.

Edit: Providing they can get the licensing from the respective parties and go-ahead from CBS, they could throw the K'vortcha Class in as the Klingon ship. To further escalate on this they could nab the Achilles too and have that as the Tactical-focused ship alongside the Engineering-focused Odyssey and the Science-focused Vesta.

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