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Originally Posted by xtremenoob1 View Post
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel - 31350 - 11 - 1.43 - 3/5/2 - CMDR/LTC Science - LT/Ens ENG - LT Tact

Varanus Fleet Support Vessel - 31350 - 11 - 1.32 - 3/4/3 - CMDR/LTC Sci - LT/Ens Eng - LT Tact

Shouldn't the Varanus get a hull buff or turn buff or at least the same shield mod as the closest CAREBEAR sci! I guess it's nice to get a fleet science, but why the copy paste -0.11?

And why is it that feds get 5 tact console fleet escorts and the KDF doesn't??? But we get ass dragging 4 engy console escorts.
B'rel's not an escort, it's a BoP, which means it doesn't HAVE the ass-drag issue that Raptors do.

A way to look at it, is that FedScorts are those high-end European performance sedans with the "kindness to the Earth" emissions features, four door seating and high price tags....and good handling.

Battlecruisers and Raptors (KDF ships) are Muscle Cars...(Slightly poorer handling, lots of power)

And BoPs are motorcycles.

(the performance, handling, and stripped down nature of BoPs makes them the in-game equivalent of a CAFE bike, compared to the Fedscort's BMW M-5, Raptor's 1969 Camaro and Tor'khat's 1970 Plymouth Superbird, can you dig it?)

I suspect that's going to be the key to making the Fleet B'rel more than a one-trick gimmick minelayer-treat it like you would a Motorbike-enhance the speed and handling beyond the ridiculous, then try to hang on (and stock up on skills that resist things like Tractor beams. multiple APO comes to mind as a good choice here, along with polarize hull)... it may be that more traditional Bird of Prey layouts may not be as effective as some experimental ideas-cranking up the performance and handling could be more useful, I suspect, than trying to give it the hull-tank ability of a Defiant or Bugship.

(after all, if he can't get guns to bear on you, he can't exploit your tissue-thin hull...)