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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Just a curiousity question for the remaining pvper's out there. No hidden agenda on this question whatsoever. Me just being curious.

What makes you stay in STO for pvp?

Possible answers:
Too much invested financially in it to leave.
Too much invested time wise to leave it.
Love the way STO is right now.
I believe what the devs are promising will happen.
No other alternate out there.
PvP is only 1 part of the game I enjoy.
Most enjoyable game out there.
Friends in game.

For me it was the friends I made in game that was the last thing that kept me in the game. Previously, in years gone by, it used to be all of the above but sadly, over time each one disappeared apart from the last one and now most of them have gone / going.
- Friends
- Ability to customize builds in highly unique ways
- I still feel like I am learning a lot from the whole PvP experience
- I am a die-hard Star Trek fan and would simply have a hard time putting time into a non-Trek-based MMO.
- I have hope for the future of STO PvP

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