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Originally Posted by xtremenoob1 View Post
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel - 31350 - 11 - 1.43 - 3/5/2 - CMDR/LTC Science - LT/Ens ENG - LT Tact

Varanus Fleet Support Vessel - 31350 - 11 - 1.32 - 3/4/3 - CMDR/LTC Sci - LT/Ens Eng - LT Tact

Shouldn't the Varanus get a hull buff or turn buff or at least the same shield mod as the closest CAREBEAR sci! I guess it's nice to get a fleet science, but why the copy paste -0.11?

And why is it that feds get 5 tact console fleet escorts and the KDF doesn't??? But we get ass dragging 4 engy console escorts.
i double checked and the varanus just comes with 28500 hull in base form, just like the deep space sci. it just has a lower shield mod too, for no reason. even the nebula and vulcan ship have a 1.3 mod with their additional hull.

this poor ship needs DHC use and a hull buff for sure, in fleet and base form
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