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11-27-2012, 12:56 PM
I suspect voice chat can have some influence to this, as when nobody chatting it happen less, example in your fleet. I allways keep disabled all that chat, as i am oldshool guy which hate any voice/video chats, also poor with vocal english and all game sounds i keep low and often i play this game at evening or even night when i don't wish to disturb other people which live in my apartaments and sleep...

So for me this all voice chat feature is totally useless just extra internet traffic which i hate, if disconnecting won't end i will try to leave fleet to play more smooth... We need feature to totally disable chat all incoming voice messages and outgoing voice messages 100%!

Edited: Added:

Fleet leaving looks like didn't helped, so i wonder to abandom to play this game, getting disconnects every few seconds, impossible to play...

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