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11-27-2012, 12:59 PM
Really the basic problem with DEM is that it doesn't make any sense. As *described*, the ability should be making some fraction of our damage penetrate shields. But it doesn't. It adds a bonus damage rider that penetrates shields and our basic damage still impacts the shields as normal.

As a shield penetrating attack DEM is utterly pathetic, since standard enemies will have their shields battered down in moments. Anything that has shields strong enough that we might actually consider shield-penetrating attacks a worthwhile tactic, also has millions of hitpoints. The +48 damage per hit, or whatever it is, is completely irrelevant.

As a damage boosting attack DEM is utterly pathetic, since the bonus damage is a flat amount rather than a multiplier and that flat amount seems to be based on NPC-style unboosted/unconsoled damage figures. The cooldown pattern on the ability is ridiculous next to the Cannon tactical abilities, and further, there's now doffs available that can make a single copy of a Cannon ability almost as effectively as having two copies.

Any effort to make this ability worthwhile by giving it a meaningful degree of shield penetration, for a majority of players, will run face-first into bitter opposition from the minority of PVP players. That shouldn't be a factor, but it is, so we have to rule out making DEM have meaningful shield penetration. Which means scrapping the description of it and reformulating from scratch.