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11-27-2012, 02:20 PM
DEM in theory is exactly what cruisers need against escorts, in practice it sucks. A tank in any game is someone that can deal moderate damage to keep the attention of the bad guys and of course take massive damage. I can take plenty of damage, but I find even with 6 out of 9 in Threat I still loose aggro if I don't use 2 Antiproton Mags and dump power into weapons leaving Aux short (not to mention I get yelled at by everyone for being ineffective in PvE). There is no reward for being a tank, the only effective weapons, like Transphasic Cluster Torpedoes get shot down when I launch them, Attack Pattern Delta doesn't buff enough for incoming damage and Target Subsystem Shields is ineffective cause I can't get my big guns (torpedoes) facing while the shields are down.

Science got a huge buff by removing shared CDs, my Vesta is starting to out DPS some of my more moderate tactical builds. Engineers are now the lowest of the low, the amount of time I hear folks ragging on Engineers in space STF is uncalled for, Star Trek is a show about engineers solving problems (Scotty, Wes, Geordi, O'Brian and Sisko) and the guys in the big chair getting all the glory.
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