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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's supposed to scale via the lesser mechanic. Using your 50 example, it should be 50 or 50% - whichever is the lesser of the two.

200 crew - you lose 50.
100 crew - you lose 50.
50 crew - you lose 25.

edit: It's a "feel" thing - but it definitely "feels" like it doesn't work this way. The Mirror Assault has 1000 crew and the Mirror Vor'cha has 1500 crew. I have the same EFF on each of them, but man - the Vor'cha bleeds crew like crazy. For the testing I did below, I had to work to get below 75% on the Assault - I was below 75% in a blink of the eye on the Vor'cha. I mentioned it earlier in the thread (when I was running different ships), and I'm still wondering if anybody's noticed something the same...
so that's what I mean by it is not scaling correctly.

I know for a fact that my able crew has gone below 50% with an STF borg plasma weapon. I've seen my able crew go down to 30% or even less if I don't have BFI up... that's just not right with VM in the game these days and trying to repair my subsystems. ET, most of the time, is not viable on an escort unless it is a higher end escort or hybrid.
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