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Originally Posted by commanderleeta View Post
Exact same thing happened to my mission, "Orion Trilogy, part 3: Rebellion" and now I'm getting 1-star reviews. >

Addendum: I've confirmed that it is a distance issue -- when you move too far away from NPCs and Contacts, they disappear and do not come back.
It happened to me in part 2 of the Olympus Trilogy as well as some of the other missions by the same author both space and ground. A shame too since I'm really enjoying this author's work.

Addendum: I was working episode 10 of the series that continues from the Olympus Trilogy last night, the one were you go to Qo'nos for the Batlith tournament and the part were I am to go meet the team in the locker room I saw on the little map as I got to the middle of the bar my NPC contact icon disappear. I picked up early on with the previous missions that it was a bug issue and usually I could abort the mission then come back in, skip through the already completed steps to the point were I left and pick up the contact/trigger. However in "The Big Tournament SO/10" there is only one way to the destination to pick up the contact and halfway to it it disappears.

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