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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Crptic dev: "Maybe there are lots of players inside our game who don't understand what to do with the dil."

Cryptic dev 2: "I know! We'll put the info on a blog."
More like :

Crptic dev 1: "Ppl are not making as much Dilithium as we want them to ."

Crptic dev 2: "Could it be that they are not playing the game in the exact fashion we want them to in the exact hours we want them to ?"

Crptic dev 3: "Could this be free will , or just a big misunderstanding ?"

Crptic dev 4:"Nah , they are not making enough Dilithium because they don't understand what Dilithium is for . We'll need to Blog this S%^&t again ... "
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