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11-27-2012, 03:02 PM
I have said many times my personal opinion on this matter.

1) Sensor scan should lower target's science skill resists as well.
2) Sci Cap. AoE Defensive thingie should buff science skill resists as well.
3) Miracle Worker should be usable on others AND cleanse all negative effects
4) Eng Cap. Shield ability should be usable on others and yourself at the same time.
5) EPTS Transfer and Nadion Inversion should make energy levels grant a higher effect (IE instead of 2% damage per 1 weapon power 2.2% damage)
6) Fire on my Mark should reduce a target's defense rating as well, that aspect should be cleared by something other than tac team.

Everyone gets a buff!

The idea of a class being tied to a hull is repulsive to me. Instead I think all careers should have a focus. Tacs bring the pain, Sci gets to mess with you, and Eng keeps you alive and makes power better. That makes sense to me and works well with any hull(s).