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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Honestly, I don't see myself lasting much longer. They've continued to produce a garbage product and lie about non-stop for years now.

I'll probably head to EvE for a bit until:

comes out.

I may even buy in to have accesss to alpha and beta testing. Maybe alpha will be ready in a year from now.
I'll definitely see you there. I want to invest, but I'm thinking I want the hornet for pew and that is a 125 or 135 dollar wager.

EDIT: Sorry, all. I didn't want to close this thread down, but there were some posts that just required me to. Voldy *should* be nuked by the next patch, the goal is to have queues up this week, and I don't recall the insignia clipping incident, but that may be before my time working here (and I don't recall it as a player since CB, but maybe?). ~BranFlakes

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