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11-27-2012, 04:09 PM
I too am getting this problem since the release of season 7. I sent very detailed bug reports to Cryptic/PWE for a resolution, but I pretty much stumped them to no end. I was told all the info I provided would be forwarded to Devs to dissect, but I doubt anything will come of it. Though, if anyone is serious about getting some kind of patch update, SEND IN your bug reports, and be as descriptive and as detailed as possible, i.e. write down error codes, phrases in the BSOD, the address codes, etc, write down EVERYTHING. If you can't get the BSOD info because it restarts the computer, you may need to turn that off so that it sticks to the BSOD screen for you to get the information.

Bottom line, don't just send in reports stating with one line "My graphics driver crashes". As a tech, I can tell you that without knowing what error codes pops up, or what you were doing when the problem occurred, that one line message pretty much is useless.

I am hopeful that PWE/Cryptic finds a solution. I only recently got into playing this game, and this problem is very much a turn off to playing. The problem only recently started as Season 7 went live.