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So we are getting new kits through our embassy. The tactical officers will receive a new FireTeam kit, the engineers Fabrication Specialist, and Science Xenobiologist.

Fireteam kit is getting Motion Accelerator which makes Engineer roots impossible and allows tactical officers to run into weapon range and out of weapon range fast. This is a very powerful kit that is becoming even more powerful. GREAT!

The Xenobiologist is a horrible kit to begin with. For clearing exposes the Medic kit is by far the better choice. At Mk X the Fireteam kit gets a Plasma Grenade IV where as at MK X the Xenobuilogist gets nothing new. At Mk XI it receives Tachyon Harmonic but this ability has been broken since the launch of S7. This kit doesn't help do damage or reduce damage in any significant way. Stasis field is easily resisted these days. The Physicist kit would have been a better choice!

The engineer got shafted some time ago and with Fabrication Specialist, they receive a Turret IV at the Fabrication Specialist Mk X kit. Some improvement, but this doesn't mean much when your on the move. Most engineers have suffered dramatically with DPS, if they are running Fabrication Specialist. Gaining Quick Fix for to fix turrets and mortars that are around the corner doesn't do much. Most encounters occur on the move and building a bunker of some sort does nothing to help DPS these days. On my engineer I have stopped running Fabrication Specialist for some time now and I easily get DPS numbers far above any other engineer. On STFs I usually run around 110 DPS sustained now.

It is clear that Tactical Officers got a great boost in Season 6 with the Cryo Pulsewave that they can Super Buff. Now in Season 7 they receive a boost to one of the most powerful kits. Engineers and Science officers on the other hand receive pointless kits, with broken and useless abilities. Why not create an open kit system that can be crafted? This is a great injustice that has been done to the balance. Why would anyone want to play anything other than a tactical officer now?