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11-27-2012, 04:28 PM
Ok I'm in the same boat cant create a thread but this one is close to my question anyways.

I'm new lieutenant (5) and have 3 BO's a tactical,science and engineer. I got the tactical officer first from the tutorial and the other 2 from completing the freighter mission after leaving earth starbase.

I have noticed though that my Tactical Officer earns WAY more skill points then the other two. I spent all of the points originally for my tactical officers and after completing a few missions my engingeer and science have like 175 skill points while my tactical racked up over 1000 points.

So my question is why is this? and how do i earn more points for my other 2 BO's as my tactical officer has maxed out one of her ensign skills and has almost maxed out her 2nd one, where as my engineer and science only have 1 point in each other theirs.