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11-27-2012, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
Given that Fabrication Specialist is still probably the best PVE kit for Engineers in the game I'm quite happy with the new ones. Quick Fix is a welcome addition to the kit. Sure, Shield Generator would have been better but what are you going to do?
It isn't the best kit for PvE. Enemy Neutralization is the best. You can pump out much more damage and stay mobile. There is an easy way to demonstrate this. (which I have tested). One engineer runs one kit while the other runs a different kit and we can do an STF. The final DPS makes it clear that Enemy Neutralization by far out does the damage of Fabrication Specialist. With a team that moves fast (which my fleet does) the mortars and turrets will maybe get one volley off by the time the group dies. They will be out of range for the second group and you still won't have the ability to place more down.

Just to let you know, we drop Armek in under 20 seconds, including all of his talking. Most people running Fabrication Specialist might do about 40 DPS. I can sustain 110 DPS. I am sorry, this use to be a decent kit when you could kit switch. But running with a good group, that is outputting solid DPS numbers, makes this kit pathetic. Mortars tend to miss, since the group is dead before the mortar hits.