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Tacs not playable in cruisers... bah, i say. True, i have settled now with a Fleet Scourge Destroyer but on the way there i stayed in cruisers all the time. The ship i spent most time in was the Vor'cha and i am not talking about a Tor'kat nor a retrofit, i am talking about a bland, off the shelf Vor'cha. And i did PVP in it. And i got compliments for my nice retrofit cruiser even though it wasn't one - a secret i kept carefully to myself at that time whilst saving for the T5 ship of my choice (i thought long about the Tor'kat because of that additional hardpoint, but in the end the fleets shipyards were not up to it at that time in any case plus i really wanted to try a decent destroyer, the T4 choice was a carrier wich was a equally rough conversation of tactics).

The change from cruiser to destroyer was ruff, to say at least. It seemed so fragile. But as you experiment and refit your ship it grows on you. I't say that the Scourge can now absorm more damage than any of my cruisers despite that cut down engineering console. Of course if i would build a cruiser again i could easily exceed that.

Klingon cruisers, you see, are maneuverable enough to take on the fed cruisers with cannons and the cloak gives them the starting advantage and they have tremendous dps potential.

Plus, if you are in a speedy destoyer maneuvering out of the cannons reach of that big menan, ugly, forward pnching git its nasty if it starts venting drive plasma at a tense moment. It means you loose your agility. This happens you know. And then you wish for being able to take some beating as it leisurely brings those cannons to bear.

Yes, i know, thats not the durable Engineer heal-orientation you'd expect, but Tacs build their ships different. If you expect a Tac to mirror an Eng build its obvious it will suck. So you need another setup. And yes, Tacs do also benefit from a more sturdy ship (Eng consoles for emergency power to shields and polarization reverse were my choices). So you got more Eng abilities to keep you alive whilst still runing a damage oriented build. Yes, that works and it works amazingly good. It strikes a fine balance betwen offence and defence.

Maneuverability against escorts/destroyers is a problem. But there are so many ways to work around it: the cloak, chroniton torps, set abilities (tractor beam or that no-turn torp from the Omega set), tractor beams, RCS accelerators, etc, etc.

You can build against that and the problem is gone. Of couse you might argue "in a destroyer you could use the slots for something useful", but alas... there i use the slots to build around the durability deficit - something i have not to do in a cruiser. Same difference really.

In PvE you may argue "well, if we want DPS we go with a destroyer instead and if we want a tank an Eng cruiser is way better". But when you get in a tight situation where your DPS gets a beating your destroyers will die. The Tac cruiser can tank and he can DPS - given its not as specialized but its versatile. It can fill gaps when somebody screws up. It can steam to the resuce. No, its not as good in any of the roles as a specialized build, but despite that, decently build with a decent captain there are very few limits to what the ship can do.

For gods sake i am OFTEN ENOUGH FORCED TO TANK IN MY DESTROYER. I know this is not a perfect situation but sometimes there is just no alternative. And i like my tough destroyer. Yes, i could get a tad more DPS from it if i go all damage but thats not my cup of tea. I know that results in a lot of unnecessary dying on my side because of screwups. Its just not worth it in my opinion. Its not like the DPS goes totally downhill. The difference is barely noticable, you know.

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