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11-27-2012, 05:04 PM
The problem you are experiencing has nothing to do with the cloaking. The Tactical ability "Stealth Module" and the Omega Force set bonus "Distortion Field" are a nice way to get behind a player to flank, but they aren't what causes the oneshots. Before season six, it is almost impossible to kill a player in one shot unless their shields were low or if they had bad armor. Then season six came bringing the cryo pulsewave, which deals cold damage. Currently there is NO armor providing significant resistance to cold. The solution to this isn't to nerf stealth, because players can get behind a player even without stealth. "Cats" can simply jump over your head and shoot you in the back. What needs to happen is the pulsewave "archwave setting" needs a major nerf. I don't believe cryptic ever intended for it to kill players in one hit.

As for the reason the players appear to be taking no damage.... Distortion field grants a +40 all energy damage resistance for 15 seconds, which is why they appear to be unable to take damage. The Omega set also grants a passive dodge chance, reducing damage. The easiest way to take them down is with a shield stripping weapon. I would say the science ability tac harmonics, but that was broken with season seven...