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Too much invested time wise to leave it. <- I've been playing virtually since the game was released and it seems a waste to leave all that accumulated knowledge and items behind. My covariant Mk X cap x3 sits on my virtual mantle piece, reminding me of the old days before the dark times.

No other alternate out there. <- This is probably the main reason I'm sticking with STO. For all it's issues, I do like it's SFC inspired space combat. It's also one of the few games available that has a fully fleshed out ground and space combat system.

A majority of other MMOs just don't interest me due to most of them set in medieval fantasy worlds. SWTOR forgets the star wars bit of the Star Wars IP and I have never been interested in dark sith or Jedi outside of Luke and Vader. Eve meanwhile is too much like a second job. The only one that REALLY interested me is Secret Life... But that seems to have gotten mediocre reviews.

I certainly won't play a FPS, totally not my kind of game.

Friends in game. <- I wouldn't call people I meet in an MMO friends, but yeah people I know in game are pretty much the second reason I'm sticking to STO.
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