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11-27-2012, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by grievas View Post
This is an idea i like very much and is similar to what I would propose:
- longer reload, but not as long as tricobalt
- more damage than quantum
- up to 90% bleed through
- maybe even a targetable projectile (like tricobalt but faster and smaller)

However to those that justify other mechanics, because of the Janeway transphasics:
It might have been a totally different timeline where those came from and they might be very different transphasic torps, with a different yield. This other timeline afterall has been either altered or even prevented or simply is just different.
Eh, 90% bleedthrough might be too much. I'd say the maximum could be 65%.
Targetable? Breen Cluster.
Longer reload? I still have Projectile Weapons Officers
More damage than quantum? That plus bleedthrough equals balance breaker, and everyone would use them, like they are with quantums right now.

Oh, and this thread is the most viewed active thread in this forum. wewt us.