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# 2 New Romulus...
11-27-2012, 06:17 PM
*Begin Transmission to Starfleet Command*

New Romulus... what to say about New Romulus other than I am very pleased to be one of the Federation's first Away Teams to take part in exploring this strange but unusual planet. I am very proud of all of my officers especially my First Officer, Mirra, in taking upon herself the dauntless task of commanding my starship while I have been leading the ground detail here on New Romulus.

Who would have guessed that the Federation would actually be assisting ROMULANS! But, I guess that they are in need of help, and the Federation has promised to help those in need. Not to mention, these Romulans are not part of the empire but just simple men and women trying to make a honest life of themselves and get away from the war. I respect these men and women because creating a new home is not easy but being on a starship for the last two years has let me drift away from this challenging deed.

We have encountered strange water dwelling animals, which seem to live in the planets water sources. Scientists are dying to capture a live specimen and learn more about this being. Also, for the first time this has been a life changing experience to see Romulans and Remans coming together to focus on one thing... a HOME!

The Reluctant will be departing from New Romulus soon and as bad as I dread going duty calls elsewhere because the fight with the Borg has just begun.

As I look back on these people that have set aside their differences to achieve one common goal together, I wonder if we, the Federation, could do this with the Klingons to one day stop the war and focus on expanding our knowledge of our galaxy?

This is not my last report on New Romulus because the fun is just getting started. I will be back soon enough to see the grand walls open and the adventure begin. Adventure awaits, Admirals...

*End Transmission*

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