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Originally Posted by baelogventure View Post
1. I found that BoPs work a little better with a bit of micro-management, such as ordering a recall after their attack run so they'll cloak and when they return you can order another attack run.

2. FFS is every thread that has anything to do with Fed Carriers going to have someone come in and boohoo over it? Just drop it. It inot going to change anything. Spend your time and energy attempting to improve and balance the games various facets rather then QQing of things that have already transpired a while ago.
have to agree here on bullet point number two... the cats outta the bag now so get over it... and this is coming from someone who has spoken against the feds having a carrier from the beginning... but they have the Atrox and Armatage now, and the vesta which as a carrier is horribly inadiquite
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