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Janeway or Seven? Well Seven at least had nice T&A. Janeway had nothing.

On every level Janeway's character was a failure. Her character was intended to be something that insecure white American women middle-managers would identify with, and in creating such a character, she took on all of the most repugnant characteristics of those people, while never evolving them beyond that level.

-lacking in clear moral principles
-a bully and coward

Ever notice how Janeway only tries talking when she feels she is at a disadvantage? If she doesn't feel she is, then she doesn't bother trying to be reasonable. And when she does talk, she seems more interested in scoring points than in getting the other side to work with her. Example: "Year of Hell" or "Caretaker".

That is how a coward and bully behaves. Arrogant when one has the advantage, self-pitying when others do.

Janeway's character itself is vacuous. She's from Indiana (meant to be a cute country girl but more comes off as cultureless PWT); her interests include Velocity and, um, having dialogues with a virtual daVinci. She's supposed to have a scientific background, but that background never manifests itself in her character other than as a technical skill occasionally used as a plot device.

Janeway's character often feels like it is driven by the plot, rather than the other way around. She behaves in totally contradictory ways in similar situations. Some days she's charitable, others she doesn't give a sheet for anything other than her own selfish goals. Some days she's diplomatic, others she just says, "well my ship is more powerful than yours so FU". Some days she is all about protecting sentient life, others she glibly tells the Dr to delete himself on command.

In the utopian 24th century, she still hasn't gotten over having breasts, so she insists everyone address her as "ma'am". She seems incapable of forming relationships with men other than romance (Chatokay) or "nice guy" (Tuvok). And she's big into public displays of affection, something that makes her look weak, unprofessional, overly caught up in herself, and without respect for others' boundaries.

Even her personal appearance is silly. A ponytail? Really? Ponytails are for 15-year-old girls who are still giggling with their friends trying figure out what sex is. And no that is not a uniquely female issue, if Spock actually had an outrageous goatee throughout the entire series no one could take him seriously. Same as if we had a Trek regular who had a haircut out of Final Fantasy VII.

Combined with her computer-like voice, it just creates the overwhelming impression that Janeway is an uneasy character with no real personal identity. She doesn't know who she is (this ironically and perhaps unintentionally becoming a plot device in the last episode) or what she wants.

So what you have, is a protagonist who seems more like a stage extra: always driven by everything and everyone else in the plot.

Other bad characters:

-Wesley Crusher...insecure Mary Sue goody two-shoes that no man growing up would ever identify with because he has no sexuality, no "bad side", no real doubts or concerns or ambitions other than pure 'emo' short, Wesley Crusher was a born nobody with an IQ of 200.

-Benjamin Sisko...comes off as military trash, basically a thug, an angry black man who is quick to turn his frustration into intransigence, intimidation, and physical violence, giving life to racial stereotypes that are very bad in all theaters to say nothing of Trek. Having an unplanned pregnancy when your OTHER kid is like 20?

-Chatokay...was a bad character for the reason that he was too unbalanced and without any real weaknesses. If TNG ever needed a Christopher Pike, Chatokay would have been great understudy. On VOY, Chatokay felt like Picard wandering onto the set of Jersey Shore, or like Dr Strangelove's Lionel Mandrake and Jack Ripper co-starring in a sober drama instead of a comedy. A sane, well-rounded guy trying to make drama with a cast of high schoolers felt as herky-jerky as it would in real life.

-Tuvok...I hated Tuvok. Supposed to be Vulcan, logical being, but just comes off as a thug and a jerk. Whimsically mean. Habitual liar. Fanatically loyal to Janeway. Pedantic without being smart, wise or well-informed. Tuvok's character is completely 'illogical' in every sense because his behavior is completely irrational. Spock, of course, knew that "tolerance is logical" and was always portrayed as a scholar and gentleman for that reason. Tuvok just comes off as an angry black Vulcan with an attitude problem - again, I want to emphasize that I am not a racist...television is...and I think that is wrong.

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