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# 13 Same thing as well....
11-27-2012, 07:46 PM
I went through the entire month of Oct without playing STO, came back to it around Mid November and a healthy download of patches.

.....Now this.

Same Symptoms::

Random Flickering which leads to the game being stated back to the Desktop, then back to Gamestate.

May occur minutes, or hours after gameplay

Once it starts, the end result is the game completely crashing to desktop after 10-20 times of the flickering events.


I have noticed a trend.

The flickering and gamestate swapping tends to intensify during:

Explosions, or Bloom Effects
Situations or maps which are dynamic lighting rich
Multiple Tykens Rifts
Multiple Warp Plasma Ejects
Multiple Mine Explosions

Just 20 minutes ago, I was flying around, I looked at the gate on Khitomer, and it automatically triggered the flickering and stating.

This isn't my card, nor is it my mobo, nor any driver update as I have not downloaded any recent drivers for my set. My system isnt top notch, but its a 1200 dollar homebuild. Its nothing to frown at. I'm still able to play headline games such as BF3, the MW Series, and Skyrim on the most intense settings with little to no graphical issues outside of FPS lag.

The response from the devs team is disheartening... while STO is F2P, people just like me have also purchased into content for this game.... at 20 30 sometimes 50 bucks at a time. There's no doubt in my mind that if this continues, the dedicated member base ST:O currently has will decline rapidly. I know this because I have inherently already started playing games during times I normally would set aside for STO... just to avoid the bullcrap of me being crashed out in the middle of a decent STF.

My Suggestion:

Fix it, and fix it NOW. The more you delay, the more you anger your dedicated players. You loose that dedicated core, what do you really have?