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11-27-2012, 09:21 PM
Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
thats why i bust out my fleet defiant for a week or so every month....

just to remind people i can still kill without the bug ship.

yet i loves it sooooo much.... so agile.

but i'd gladly give up the xtra engie console slot to keep that agility, no problem. even nerf the shield mod a bit. still no problem.

have fun kill bad guys
I had a guy in a Defiant take a zone chat poop on meh cause he said I was..

"picking on the ships with the little hulls"

but teh Marmot MK II is a Fleet Norgh.....What do??

Save meh Horizon! Save meh!

Seriously though, is there really an answer here? I'm not sure. I use Impulse Cap on a regular basis, am I damned? I stack Battery Doffs cause I get crazy bonus (to me) from dual system batteries. Am I double damned?

Alone, no one cares about these things. Together they are greater than multiplicative. They are SOOPERPLICATIVE! If consoles go, Doffs deserve a great big kick in the nuts as well.

Cheers happy flying!!

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