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11-27-2012, 09:29 PM
As long as the loot is identical in each STF, there is no reason to try any of the others. While I am happy to see them fighting back, I'm not particularly pleased with the kind of power the Borg have. In Season 6, I could tank a Borg cube the entire STF. Not so in S7. Usually all my heals are in cooldown at any given time. It's more like a job than a game. It's not a challenge to kill the Borg, it's a challenge to simply not be destroyed.

I thought maybe it was technique and I worked on that all this week, but I'm convinced the STF's have been over-fixed and with as much trouble as it is to complete one, I'll just pick the easiest one and do that and not bother with the others.

I can dig it if it's a plausible challenge, but for all but the very best of the best (I'm not one of those) it is not a plausible challenge and the reward payout simply isn't worth the aggravation.

I would hate to see it simplified to the point someone could solo it -- it needs to be a team game, but it's just not fun the way it is.