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11-27-2012, 09:30 PM
***Begin Priority Transmission to 1st Assault Fleet Command***
***Fleet third in command and acting XO Brian Mitchel Valot reporting***

All 1st Assault Fleet flag officers,

The crew of the USS Athena has been assisting with settling the Romulans on the planet "Mol'Rihan" (New Romulus). Our Personnel recently found an area outside the new capital that would work very well for planned wilderness survival training exercises. My crew and I believe this locale would work well for the following reasons:

A) We would have plenty of area to spread ourselves out to prevent groups from coming too close to one another
B) The area is close enough to a civilized area that, should the exercise need to be called off for any reason (critical injuries, major assault on a Federation held sector, etc...), everyone could be back on their ships within an hour
C) Varying terrain (forests, plains, mountains, etc...)

If you wish to discuss any of the above points further, contact me. Otherwise, I will discuss this further when our plans are more coordinated. In the meantime, please continue normal operations.

USS Athena, out.

***End Transmission***
Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot
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