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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Believe it or not, I pvp in STO because I really enjoy it. Even with all of its faults, it's the most enjoyable pvp game I've played since StarCraft: BroodWar, and that's saying a lot considering that game was pretty much perfect. This game may be far from perfect, but it's still super fun!
Honestly, that game may look pretty, but it certainly doesn't look like it's going very far with the pricing levels they have now. If I'm spending $10 a month it better not take me more than 10 months of casual play to earn what the dude that paid 100 up front got day 1. That is the major problem with STO. This whole P2W thing doesn't work for increasing the number of customers.

There were easily twice the number of players when I left just after Season 1 came out two years ago. There's a reason why, and it isn't just because of the bugs in the game. If they listened to some of the veterans, their income would increase.

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