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11-27-2012, 09:00 PM
It might interest you to know that both Borticus and Branflakes attended the first conference call for boot camp, and there is actually a lot of enthusiam from the dev team about fixing PvP, but they need to be able to show PWE that it is worth the investment to focus on it. Both Bran and Bort are PERSONALLY interested in PvP and are doing everything they can to get it pushed up the priority list.

As far as your other points, cheese consoles etc. aside a lot of players need help with every basic things to be able to be enjoy PvP such as builds, keybinds and al the things we learn thorugh PvP that we don;t need to know in the "so easy I can faceroll it" world od PvE. You don't have to be part od theeffort but to downtalk the fact that a group of us are willing to give of our time and energy to help do what we can for PvP is just plain thoughtless.

We cahnge things one person at a time in the real world, same thing applies here.