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11-27-2012, 10:09 PM
There are (at least) three threads about this on the first page in the Graphical Issue subforum just below this one. I suggest you check those out. It is related (but not exclusive) to laptops with integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics.

This is the longest and most detailed of those threads, if you feel like wading through:

Fiddle with your drivers if you like, but the problem is something, somewhere in the season 7 code. And yeah a bunch of us are stuck until it is fixed.

It has been suggested there that a driver rollback for your graphics card to an old version might "band aid" the problem. I won't say fix because the problem is still there, merely not crippling, and you can apparently still play. It will also not work for everyone, as it did not for me. So I cannot comment on its overall effectiveness. It's also a bad idea in general, but some have apparently tried it and succeeded. I do not recommend a driver rollback to bandaid problems, personally, but it is the best anyone has come up with.

Hopefully the developers are onto fixing it, but the silence has been a touch awkward. I am not a paying customer of the game at this time so I can't complain too much. But I feel for those of you that are, and have been caught in the same boat as a relative noob like me.

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