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11-27-2012, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
What makes you stay in STO for pvp?

Possible answers:
Too much invested financially in it to leave. Certainly true.
Too much invested time wise to leave it. Yep, totally.
Love the way STO is right now. No, but as i havent had to grind a SINGLE time since S7 came out in order to have enough marks to be half way through both Rep Systems, it could be much worse.
I believe what the devs are promising will happen. I don't think anyones that daft.
No other alternate out there. I think you, MT, Mav & Co have made it all too clear on choice.
PvP is only 1 part of the game I enjoy. PVP is the only thing in STO that excites me, but i enjoy the new PVE missions, i enjoy the old ones, and i enjoy doing them with friends and fleetmates.
Most enjoyable game out there. No, its not for me. But its a love/hate relationship.
Friends in game. All the way. Lake a any social connection was why i got bored and went to other games in 2010, friendships are what keep me here now.