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11-27-2012, 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by mellestadsto View Post

Sweet glory, I only need to play for 417 more hours and that sweet, sweet tier XI beam array is mine!

Or you could BUY ZEN and convert it. If you don't know how, wait a month and they'll rerun Dilth 101 for you which explains the conversion process.

There ARE other ways to earn ZEN but they are being whittled down every patch. Soon, you'll earn 1-2 dilth per DOFF mission, and get a handfull for running various missions.

But never fret! YOU CAN BUY ZEN AND CONVERT IT, Cryptic will remind you of that EVERY MONTH, rest assured.

Two days, I haven't played at all. And I don't miss it. Prob'ly won't play tomorrow either. Friday isn't looking too good either.