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11-27-2012, 11:16 PM
Heh.. I'm in the same ocean...different boat...

I need 450 Omega Marks to get the BORG Deflector (I got the other two parts of the set just before Season 7 hit with this particular toon)

Just played the game the way I like to play it for a little over three hours and guess what...

I got 15 from doing four of the Ground Deferi Missions (would have received 30 but the Momento mission is still bugged and wouldn't complete).

I did three of the space STF's (the Normal ones, I suc at doing them, I don't even try Elite)...
that got me about 55...

I did a lot of DOffing.. that got me None.

I tried the Tier II-Romulan Mountain Mission...Twice.
That bugged-out both times and I didn't even get any Romulan marks.

I did a couple of the Deferi Space missions and got 960 dilithium (I need 14,000 also, to get the deflector), but no Omegas there.

I also tried to do the Tholian Red Alert, but couldn't get it to pop for my toon.

At this rate I figure I'll have the BORG deflector in about two weeks...

That is if I decide to log-in to the game again any time soon.