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Name U.S.S. Tripticon
STO Planner
Short Description Aux 2 Battery build for Faster recharges.
Ship Class Escort
Ship Specific Chimera Heavy Destroyer
Cmd Tac: Tac Team 1, <varies>, Attack pattern Omega 1, Rapid Fire 3 or Scatter volley 3
LtC Uni: Emergency power to shields 1, Auxilery to the Battery 1, Eject Warp Plasma 1 or other
Ensign Uni: Tractor Beam 1
Lt Engi: EmergencY power to Auxilery 1, Auxilery to the Battery 1
LT Sci: Hazard emitters 1, Transfer shield Strength 2
DOFF 3x Technician 2x (Any)
ENG Consoles <Varies>
SCI Consoles Dynamic Tactical System, Assimilated Module
TAC Consoles 3 or 4x <Energy weapon of choice>, if 3x, 1x of Mine of Choice
The build uses Aux 2 Bat x2 to achieve Global Cool down across ALL Bridge officer skills. This allows for MANY things:

Permanent Eject Warp Plasma - With your Warp Plasma on Global Cool down, you will be able to Deploy more Plasma before the last Cloud series has disapeared.

DEM - With a near perma DEM, you can guarentee better Damage through shields, though the down sides is only able to use DEM 1 and not DEM 3

Reasons for Emergency power to Aux and Emergency power to shields - With everything on global, some times the Double Aux to Bat kills Aux power to 0 between cycles. EptA helps to recover Aux during those down cycles.

Despite the Heavy Energy set up above, the build can run nearly ANY set up, making it the most universal build avaliable. Need a Mine deployer/Torpedo Spammer? Change Rapid FIre 3/Spread 3 to Dispersal Pattern Beta 3 and add Torpedo Spread 2. Want to go with a FAW build? Change omega 1 to FAW 3, and change Rapid Fire 3 to Omega 3.. The Ideas and possibilities are nearly Endless.

Note on the skills listed in the planner: They are my personal set up for an easier way for me to go from ship to ship as I like to fly different roles. More of a Jack of all trades really. Probobly better to optimize skills towards the role of a Tac in an escort.
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