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11-27-2012, 11:44 PM
I mentioned this in another thread, but the new Romulan DOFFs, specifically a Security Officer can proc a damage resistance buff anytime a tac uses Ambush. So they get a cloaking effect, a BIG one-hit damage buff, and potentially up to 3 damage resistance buffs just by hitting one ability.

A science DOFF amongst these gives Stasis Field some electrical damage, and an operations DOFF gives some kind of cooldown reduction on consumable pets or something, pretty much both worthless. Not to mention being stupid expensive, particularly at the blue and purple level.

But yeah, that Super-Fire Team kit and that Security DOFF certainly don't help the balance between the three classes on the ground at all. That very nearly gives tacs the 'end all' kit just about. They gain everything from it, and lose nothing really, compared to the other two.
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