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11-28-2012, 01:09 AM
A question that comes to mind, is whether the loss proc and recovery rate are based on total crew or current crew.

I used to lean toward current, but I'm wondering if it is total.

It might explain certain things - ie, the 50 crew situation. If it's -50% (-25), then it would be wham bam - 0 crew. As opposed to 50-25=25-13=12-6=6-3=3-2=1-1=0.

Then again, that it works one way for Fed and one for KDF - might explain what I'm seeing. Who knows, eh?

Still, if it's based on total - using a Rapid Trans 8s recharge with a 50% to -20 or -20% against the two ships I'm currently dorking around with... (minus any consoles/resist):

MAC - RT proc (-20 crew/8s) & 7 crew recovery/8s
MVB - RT proc (-20 crew/8s) & 10 crew recovery/8s

That's in combat above 75% crew.

To hit 75% (given a 100% proc instead of 50%), it should take the following lengths of time:

MAC - 152-160 seconds
MVB - 296-304 seconds

That's if it is always based on total crew (both the proc (fudged to 100%) and the recovery).

Add in a Nurse/Medic (again, basing this on the total as opposed to current):

MAC - 10 crew/8s
MVB - 15 crew/8s

MAC - 13 crew/8s
MVB - 20 crew/8s

MAC - 17 crew/8s
MVB - 25 crew/8s

MAC - 20 crew/8s
MVB - 30 crew/8s

So if it is based on total and not current, the MAC would require a Purple Nurse to hang around 75% while the MVB would require a Blue Medic to hang around 75%.

If you've got 50 crew in this case, where you're losing 10 crew/8s and the best you can get from a Nurse/Medic is 1 crew/8s... well, it doesn't make much sense to run a Nurse/Medic.

Yes, it's not a 100% proc rate - but then again, it's not a case that somebody's going to be just firing a single RT at you, eh?

It takes 1000 crew vs. 100% proc to have the Purple balance out against that -20 to keep you around 75% crew.

1500 requires a Blue, 2000 requires a Green, 3000 requires a White.

Again, that's if it works off of total. Crew Recovery makes sense to work off of total. The loss though, should work off of current - no? You can't lose more crew than you have. That being the case, it should take even longer to reach to that 75% and in turn the value of the Nurse/Medic should increase in a "real" combat situation.

Still though, in the end - I'm not sure any of it's actually working - and I'm pretty sure that it's even more broken going from Fed to KDF.

My Fed has a Green Nurse. My KDF has a White Medic. Both have a blue BFM and both have a blue EFF. The White Medic on the Mirror Vor'cha should give me a better crew recovery rate in combat versus the Green Nurse on the Mirror Assault.


I farm Archer in Tau Dewa. I run it five times for the daily. I farm it for gear to sell while waiting on CDs for fleet/STF.

The MAC runs great. The MVB bleeds crew like crazy.

It's not just a case of one run and saying something's up. I'm running Archer a Hell of a lot - enough for that clear pattern to appear. It was the same when I was doing it in an Advanced Escort and a Negh'Var. Which is mind boggling, because the White Medic should have worked awesome with the 2500 crew of the Negh'Var versus the Green Nurse with only 150 crew on the Advanced Escort.

That was not the case. The Negh'Var bled crew even faster than the Mirror Vor'cha does. The Advanced Escort stayed above 75% better than the Mirror Assault does.

None of this makes any sense to me. Maybe I'm being an idiot, maybe I'm massively overlooking something or doing something massively wrong in the calculations. Maybe one of the previous devs hated the KDF and secretly coded something to increase the proc rate against KDF - I don't know. Only know what I've experienced...

...and I'm not sure any of it's working.

Crew Loss Proc Rate? Don't think it's working.
Base Crew Recovery? Don't think it's working.
Nurse/Medic? Don't think it's working.
Fed & KDF the same? Don't think it's working.